Before going to Hungary to seek employment, you should apply for a working visa from the Hungarian Embassy or Consulate. To be eligible for a working visa you must already have a labour permit, which is obtained by your employer in Hungary from the labour office.

Au Pairing

Hungarian wages for au pairs are very low. In fact, a lot of families will find it too expensive to employ an au pair and so it may be particularly difficult to find this type of work in the first place. Furthermore, because of the cost, funding medical insurance will be left to you; most families will be unwilling to pay. Nevertheless, if you are determined to pursue this type of employment in Hungary it is worth contacting A Wide World Au Pair of Hungary who may be able to find you a suitable placement.

GAP Years

GAP Activity Projects Ltd organises gap year schemes across the world. Projects last from four to eleven months and can include conservational work, farming, education, and teaching English, but will mostly be work in schools in Hungary. You must be over 17 to apply for a GAP project. You will be provided with free food and accommodation, as well as pocket money. GAP has projects around Hungary, including those in Felsopeteny, Tokay, and Sarbogard. The average project duration is six months, either from August until February, or January until June.

Agricultural Work

For those interested in agricultural work, and with some experience in the field, the AGRYA (Agricultural and Rural Youth Association) is a Hungarian organisation concerned with agricultural and rural matters in Hungary. It sets up exchange programmes, both for Hungarians wanting to participate in agricultural projects around the world, and foreign students or young people wanting to visit Hungary for this purpose. Similarly, the Young Farmers' Clubs International Farm Experience Programme arranges for those with experience in the agricultural industry to work on farms worldwide, including in Hungary. Workers are paid for the work that they do but will be expected to fund their own travel, insurance, and registration to the organisation.


As well as volunteer opportunities available on agricultural projects, a number of organisations arrange social work projects, such as Concordia whose volunteers work in groups with children and communities in a number of countries throughout the world. Projects last for up to three weeks, in the summer months. All volunteers are supplied with food and accommodation and are required to pay a fee of 75 to register with Concordia. The International Voluntary Service sets up workcamps for volunteers who participate in community schemes, including working with children, adults with special needs, and conservational issues. Again, food and accommodation are part of the package, but you will need to pay 15 membership and fund your own travel. In Hungary IVS can place you working in an orphanage in Tiszadob, workcamps in Mezokovacshaza, Szeged, and Kisnyalkamajor, amongst others. The IVS website lists current vacancies available and gives more information about the nature of work.

Useful Addresses

  • National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs
  • The International Farm Experience Programme
  • YFC Centre
  • National Agricultural Centre
  • Stoneleigh Park
  • Kenilworth
  • Warwickshire CV8 2LG

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